6:13 minutes
"The effect of Riley's stated emotive rather than literal narrative is that at some point the trans-like monotonous routine of the commuter overtakes the viewer. In the viscous loop of getting on the train and getting off the train, going to work and home again, on again, off again, day after day, season after season, we have removed the final particle of mystery. In compensation for the perpetual neurosis of post-industrial commodification, we sympathize with the anonymous and generic commuter who is both a victim and a perpetrator of the suburban dystopia."
Ingrid Mayrhofer

In our age, the idea of commuting raises societal issues. How a person commutes to work is now being questioned more and more-- for a variety of environmental, psychological and economical reasons. Journey is a composite of many trips taken by the artist on public inter-city commuter trains.
2 versions: looped installation or single channel with credits
As an installation, "Journey" is intended to to be projected in a corner so that the video moves out of the viewer's perspective behind the wall as if the train window is moving away. Two versions directionally different permit the projection to move either right or left depending upon the site's layout.
"Journey" may be used as a single channel looped installation, or a two or three channel installation by including: "Daily Reflections" (2:46) and/or "Marsh" (1:41).

installation available from vtape Distribution, Toronto,

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