to hear a recent podcast on the making of this short check out Caleb Pike's website:

Shot over one and a half nights as part of the second viewpoint film challenge. viewpointfilmchallenge.com/

I approached this viewpoint in a much more structured manner than my previous effort which was filmed on a hacked iphone. vimeo.com/5861892

I didn't want the stress of multiple locations over several days so I decided to set this one in a small bachelor apartment. I limited the camera moves and tried to keep it as intimate as possible. Aside from the actors, it was just myself, the DOP and Kat Reid who basically did a little bit of everything from continuity to the food preparation and even a little hair & make-up.

This was my first short filmed with the Canon 5D Mrk2. The DOP (Alex Dacev) bought it the day before and it was pretty much right out of the box when we used it. In fact, it was so new that we didn't have a spare battery or second CF card which cost us about an hour of shooting time with us having to constantly dump the footage off the card and plug in the camera to recharge the battery.

Working with the 5D was a terrific experience and gave Alex and I the confidence to tackle a more ambitious short, "Worked For Me" also starring Saffron and Isaac vimeo.com/7648613

The focus is sooo critical when working with this camera, the HDMI live view only outputs in 480i (when recording) so you're never really sure about your focus until you play it back in HD, which is what we would do pretty much after every take. The redrock follow focus adapter is almost essential if you're pulling focus within the take itself.

I also have to mention that Saffron did a great job with the Russian accent. I had a friend of a friend who was Russian so I had her say all of Saffron's lines into my iphone and then exported those as an audio file for Saffron to study.


The audio was recorded with a lav mic attached to my old Canon XL1s. After filming I had the actors redo all of their lines wild, knowing I could easily synch it up later from the guide track recorded on the 5D. I took the H.264 files into final cut and re-exported them all as Apple Pro Res 1920x1080 @ 30P files. Kat Reid and I re-recorded ALL of the foley you hear in the film, from the rolling luggage wheels to the sound of the cat's paws connecting with the floor. The color grading was done by Alex Dacev in Apple's Color.

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