Consumerist perspectives, and the structures which connect them, are explored in McService: a performance/video isolating the drive-thru element of McDonalds.

To the casual observer, a McDonalds drive-thru only exists as needed - for quick and efficiently dispensing fast food. Along with other schemas that contour to highway culture, the drive-thru is a central vein that pumps dollars from the local community into growing corporations.

One of the prime catalysts of the drive-thru is McDonalds. 
Our ordering, purchasing, receiving and consuming, discovered new realities regarding the drive-thru structure, namely that it can be examined as a cybernetic process. Consumer flow (drivers moving through a drive-thru line) represents a regular pattern of information. Control regulated by mass marketing and mass production is exchanged at the window, with regular intervals of profit occurring throughout the day. Our performance, despite the fact that we spent almost $200 in 5 hours, contradicted the semantics of this socioeconomic construct.

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