Water and energy. We turn on a tap and fill our water bottle for the day. With the flick of a switch our computers are on, the lights shine bright, food will stay cold without thinking too much about it and if we press another button our clothes are washed and dinner is heated in the microwave. Sound simple? Not really. Water and energy have become two of the biggest issues discussed at all levels of Government, among corporations, and within the home.

How to save water, become more energy efficient, and cut down greenhouse gas emissions is a global challenge and all Australians – commercially and domestically – have a role to play in the solution.

Identifying the challenges that lie within the water and energy sectors is a big task, as is formulating trends.

SMS has recently completed a comprehensive key trends analysis with one of our key partners that we would like to share.

Check out this innovative presentation by the SMS Water and Energy teams that give an insight into tackling the big issues of these important sectors.

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