I have set up a routine to generate batches of renders from Flickr overnight, so that I don't have to manually control the production of each movie.

This one was a happy accident - it zoomed in much further than usual. The advantage is that you get to see the trading in much more detail. Here, the 'vision' of the traders is set quite high, so they are able to easily find trading partners. As a result, we get a lot of activity, with each trader changing colour and size frequently.

Height of the particles indicates the amount of cash that they currently have - you will see their height decrease as they buy colour and increase as they sell it.


What if pixels were free? What if they could trade their computer-given red, green, and blue values in pursuit of a profit?

The Colour Economy imagines an artificial economy of pixels, in which individual 'traders' exchange colour.

The Colour Economy is a project by Jer Thorp (blprnt.com) and was built with Processing v. 0135.

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