After hearing work from 'The American Dollar' we really felt the urge to create a music video for one of their new songs. Inspired by the music we had the idea of making a decaying world. One single cameramovement from left to right, showing a landscape, looping 9 times. Day becomes night and even the seasons go by. After we finished the production, we decided to reverse the whole video. This gives you a seamingly happy end, but you know what's going to happen. There are no lyrics and we did not pay attention to the title of the song, we just felt this was the right thing to do.


The American Dollar

Kasper Verweij

Design & Animation:
Menno Fokma,
Harm van Zon,
Reinier Fleas,
Heerko Groefsema,
Kasper Verweij
Rogier Hendriks

Rogier Hendriks


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