So its been 16 years, has it? It has definitely been a while since Messieurs Kruder and Dorfmeister dared to rip off Richard Avedon and Elvis Presley in one seminal move, which is filed under G-Stone catalogue number 12 001. Well, they didnt exactly rip anyone off, they more appropriated it. And so G-Stone was born.

Smoke filled her eyes and out dubstepped a series of idiosyncratic artists that have never followed the various trends they allegedly instigated, never suited the pigeonholes eagerly applied by trainspotting media and were certainly never merely the site-specific phenomenon, implied by the constant evocation of Vienna whenever the label's music is mentioned. Instead, what you get with G-Stone is a bundle of talent that shares a common stance: a slow food movement of beat gourmets, more interested in a sustained quality of production than in prolific mass output, tending to rather work with people close to the heart than going for yet another faceless remix job.

Check these mad men and the pie they had their fingers in. Bedroom rockers and festival headliners, dub organisers and sessionists, futurists of nostalgia, continental purveyors of funk, alchemists of the sonic texture, a brand Danubian.
Celebrating its 16th anniversary G-Stone Recordings is releasing a compilation including new music by Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tosca, Peace Orchestra, Christian Prommer´s Drumlesson, Rodney Hunter, Makossa&Megablast and many others as well as a free bonus disc of classics and hidden treasures from the G-Stone vaults.

16 years? It's been a long time, but G-Stone never left you without a beat to step to. Let them eat cake. Or fight with it.

Sixteen F**king Years Of G-Stone Recordings
13 f**king new tracks. 12 f**king classics
CD out May 2010
Free download April 16th - May 16th

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