Caffeine is a feature documentary exploring the passions and dedication of a group of baristas and cafe owners from around the world as they embark on a quiet revolution to change the world one humble bean at a time. By educating themselves on the providence of the bean, delving into every scientific detail of brewing coffee and by forming personal relationships with coffee farmers in the developing world, their goal is to change the way the world looks at coffee. These coffee nerds have started a grassroots movement based on quality of life for the farmer and quality of coffee in the cup. Their motivation is quality, not profit and their commitment and enthusiasm for coffee is mesmerising.

As the most traded commodity in the world after oil and one of the most exploitative industries for the coffee grower, coffee pervades every part of our global society and has done for hundreds of years. Can these young people, through travel, education, refining their skills and their unbridled passion change perceptions about coffee and in doing so create a fairer world?

This film follows several of these baristas as they embark on their global treks in search of the knowledge and connections they feel will give their public a better cup of coffee.

Featuring World Barista Champions Stephen Morrissey and James Hoffman, Caffeine journeys from Dublin to London, Ethiopia to Nicaragua and Vancouver to Los Angeles.

With over 40 hours of footage shot across four continents and with preparations being made for the next batch of filming, this documentary has a truly global reach. With passionate, engaging and curious characters the film portrays a new approach to Globalization that is positive and inspiring.

Caffeine -The Passion In The Cup

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