Collections: UMMA is the video score for a site-specific sound and video performance based on the architecture of the University of Michigan Museum of Art. This silent video serves as the structure for a sound performance to take place within the museum.

Instructions/suggestions to the performers:

1. Follow the images and their duration. Make your sound match the representational space as best you can. Your sound should complement the physical space rather than overwhelm it.

2. Be mindful of overlaps, intersections and directions.

3. When you see a bench, rest.

4. If you can read any signs or indicator lights, do your best to obey them.

5. The soundmaking objects and/or instrumentation are at the discretion of the performers.

Rules for Staging the Performance:

The performance should take place in the apse space on the ground floor of the original UMMA building. If possible, it should also be performed in the Vertical Gallery of the Frankel Wing addition.

In the two-channel video, the images on the left are sourced from the museum's original building, while the images on the right are sourced from the Frankel Wing. There should be an equal number of performers assigned to the two halves of the video, each performer following only either the old building or the new building.

Two additional performers should circle the upstairs apse of the old building (as well as the railing spaces in the Vertical Gallery) during the performance, striking the rungs of the railings in such a manner as to complement as best they can the rest of the sounds being generated by the other performers. These performers should begin at opposite ends of the railings and make one revolution around the space in the time it takes for the entire video to be played.

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