Americans’ Cold War anxieties were subsiding, despite the feverish
escalation in Vietnam. President Nixon turned to a highly classified,
radical splinter group of the CIA to agitate a complacent public.
The shadowy syndicate, S.C.A.R.E. International, had been founded
for a single, simple reason: to perpetuate fear. Indeed, the organization
was born from fear—the leaders dreaded peace, believing it would
make them obsolete.

This film tells the story of General Streicher, the last of the original
founders, as he struggles to save S.C.A.R.E. International. He must
cajole conscientious objectors, appease unrelenting overseers, and
persuade the apathetic. General Streicher’s foot soldiers, descendents
of botched military experiments, are veterans of America’s frightful
past. They are elusive, but their reputations are well known. And now,
for the first time, their true motivations will be revealed.

34:10 min




General --Frank Streicher
Ankur/Wolfman --Ankur Malhotra
Swamp Man --Kevin O’Malley
Swamp Monster --Patrick Masters
Young Lover --Zeke Dasho
Young Lover --Alicia Hans
Stuntman --Robert Tocco
Invisible Man --Todd Streicher
Overseer #1 --Dustin O’Malley
Overseer #2 --Mwezi O’Malley
Overseer #3 --Jasper Goldman
Driver --Orly Koppes
That Dog --Finian
Bird #1 --Fern
Bird #2 --Violet



This story was originally conceived and developed
as a music video for COUGAR’s ‘Stay Famous’ single.
We decided that since we were going to all the trouble,
why not make a short film from the concept? We later
discovered many reasons why not, but thankfully we
ignored them and kept working.
The footage for the music video and movie was shot
between September 1, 2008 and November 25, 2008.
The final cut was completed on April 15, 2010. The
music video and film were produced for $3,200. This
would have been impossible if it weren’t for the help
of the entire cast and crew who volunteered their
many talents. We can’t thank them enough.



Peter Streicher
Scott Pauli

Peter Streicher

Christopher Adams
Kenn Busch
Scott Pauli
Peter Streicher
Ben LeRoy

---Writer / Assoc. Writer
Peter Streicher
Scott Pauli
Susan Day

Susan Day
John Martin
Toby Latimer
Jennifer Green

---On Set Assistants
Zach Kaiser
David Skogen
Drew Garza
Alan Sponem
Sean Sponem

---Production Designers
Scott Pauli
Peter Streicher

---Original Score | Supervising Sound Editor | Sound Design | V.O.
Dan Venne

Percussion --Dave Skogen
Flute --Nic Cowles
Trumpet --Charles Wagner
Trombone --Jon Natchez
Tuba --Jon Natchez
Bass Clarinet --Jon Natchez

---Additional Music
Written and Performed by COUGAR
“Stay Famous”
“Heavy into Jeff”
Courtesy of Counter Records and Ninja Tune

---Foley | Sound Design |Monster Sounds
Fraser Bierwirth

Audio Design and Post Services by

---Sound Designer | Re-recording Mixer
Carlos “Storm” Martinez

---Assistant Sound Editor
Melissa Dyne


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