Cluster Headache is not what you usually think of when someone says they have a headache: the pain will wake you up out of your sleep and is so searing painful that people are known to pull out their hair or bang their head against the wall to distract themselves from this pain. Indeed, cluster has been nicknamed “suicide headaches.” You will leave this talk knowing a lot more about cluster headache and the story of how patients just like me came to find in psilocybin and LSD a profound medication that helps more than the medicines we currently can get from our physicians. Clusterbusters is doing something about that: we work closely with Dr. John Halpern of McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School and are, in fact, sponsoring Dr. Halpern’s clinical project to evaluate psilocybin for people with episodic cluster headache. To bring research with psilocybin to Harvard has been a long and complicated road, but you will learn why it is the most important one to take: many lives depend on it and we want to count on your support. Over the past year, our work has expanded to include the addition of a new and very exciting direct offshoot of our psilocybin work. This successful study featuring breakthough treatment results will be announced at this conference.


Bob Wold is founder and President of Clusterbusters, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the research of cluster headache and to support people with cluster headache and their families. Based in greater Chicago with his wife and 4 children, Mr. Wold has talked to 1000s of cluster sufferers. In fact, over 25 years of his adult life was burdened with severe cluster headache that was resistant to all standard treatments. That all changed after he tried psilocybin, which has helped regain control over this illness for him… and now hundreds to perhaps thousands of other cluster headache patients all over the world. He and Clusterbusters are currently involved in persuing the approvals for the clinical research required to allow these much needed treatments to become available to everyone. Treatments that far exceed anything currently available through conventional medicine. Treatments that can eliminate the suicide option that far too many people still choose.

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