i put myself in an uncanny, weird state by reading spooky swiss-myths and fables.
then i wander with my videocamera through the countryside of switzerland, allways close to the
suburbs of little swiss cities and i record everything that looks legendary, incredible, eerie or just frightening. it means i didn´t search for images, rather the fables comes to my images.

the making of images become a mythical ritual act. by using visual methods i explore the edge between subjective images and a landscape cultivated for purposes of agriculture and stockbreeding. i try to trace the cultural identity in the fables and myths. so videofables is not a product, rather the end of a process.

i read about 200 swiss-myths and fables. most of the tales describe short incidents or occurrences.
the complexity of the fables is rather located in signs and states then in a dramaturgy-structure.
there are is a hunger-demon which eats his own heel, a magic „hex-cats“, a burning man in a toolbox, nightmares called „toggeli“, a horse without head, processions of dead persons,
poor souls and the ghost of a cow´s maw...
background of the fables is the material misery and threatening circumstances in the alps and not a psychological romanticism of effulgent mountaineers. often it´s a brutal daily hunger, aggressive landscape, loneliness, poverty and belief in destiny which are reflected in the tales. still the basic problems of our civilization...

Format: DVD color
Lenght: 5 "
Year: 2003
Voice & Music: Ariane Andereggen
Credits: NAIRS, ART CULTURA ENGIADINA, Arnold Büchli, Christian Caminada, Ursula Brunold-Bigler

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