Music You Can Feel (MYCF) is an 'Open Source Improvisation Project' including thirty musical expressions/yelps, each filmed out of a studio apartment and an art gallery in viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico between the months of January-April 2010.

The improvised melodies were captured in a bathroom during the editing process for 'MOVEment' ( ) and were released one-at-a-time (daily) for thirty days during March and April, 2010.

Project Content

For a video introduction to the project see:

Each of the improvisations (1-30, including an intermission video) can be viewed here on vimeo beginning at:

The audio portion of the videos can also be downloaded on Reverb Nation. The link to the first improvisation (no videos) on RN (self-titled 'Music You Can Feel') can be found here: .

This reel is an overview of the project, which briefly displays each of the improvisations—running time: 9:59.

I also created a closing video for the project, which explores the lessons-learned and includes previously unused improvisations.


Each video includes text describing both the project and the specific improvisation details. I have also included both a list of resources used with each piece and a list of credits for the project.


Thanks to:

‘Navona Studio’ (the Navona) for understanding my passion, habits and providing a sound-resistant, flexible, breathable studio; to ‘Sienna Art Gallery’ for providing a private, reverberating creative space; to ‘Seafarer's House San Juan, Inc.’ for WIFI, sun deck and their mission of integrating the local community with visitors from all over the world; ‘Hotel Casablanca’ for the warm receive, the comfy couch, and allowing me to upload, ‘Cuatro Estaciones’ for their 24-hour, delicious cafe' con leche, WIFI, and existence in a public space; and to ‘Utopia Cafe' for the healthy conversation and support to 'keep going!'


Resource Details:

Laptop: HP Pavilion
Video Editing: Windows Movie Maker
Digital Camera: Sony Cyber-shot, 8.1 megapixels, Carl Zeiss (thank you Dad)
Guitar: Martin DX (thank you Alexia)
Guitar Pick: Butterfly Picks (Utah), Wedgie Picks
Drumpad: Remo 'Reel Feel', Bookcovers, Desk, Wine Bottle, Scotch Glass
Sticks (Vic Firth): Scott Johnson Scooters, Jeff Queen Signature Series, Danny Carey Signature Series, MT4A Mallets.
Native American Percussive Shaker (thank you R.E. Gainer)
Taino/Puerto Rican guiro
Saxophone: E Flat Alto, Custom Yamaha 62 series
Saxophone Mouthpiece: Meyer; Rovner Ligature (Eddie Daniels Signature Series)
Saxophone Reeds: Vandoren V16 (3)
Clap, Foot Stomp


Tattoos by:

Ryan Eugene
'Vicious Ink'
Ogden, Utah
Search ‘Eugene Bouman’ on Facebook

Eric Doyle
'Jinx Proof Tattoo'
Washington, D.C.


Daniel Baez

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