Behaviour 5.

Eraldo Dex
vj, postproducer

Chiara Olivieri
Federica Restani
Daniele Ziglioli
Ledwina Costantini
Holger Teupel
Ilija Luginbuhl
Elisabetta Pogliani
Paola Zecca
Raffaele Latagliata
Sara Mulholland
Natalia Hoffmann

All music by
Jaeck the Bit
excerpted from the album "My darling collage" [QuBIT-003]

All shootings by
Massimiliano Della Ferrera [© the Cat Inside Records]

DvD under Creative Commons licence.
the Cat Inside Records, 2008
Quantum Bit Video [QuBIT-004]

Contacts and Vacuum Package DvD availability:

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