A 5-minute film that shows how-to build your very own wearable iPad Sprocket Pocket. Watch the whole film and try to find the easter egg!

This was a MAYAmake 24-hour project.

The Sprocket Pocket, and the MAYA Sprocket iPad application were designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured in limited quantity (9 in first 24 hours were built and 4 were given away at an Apple Store just for fun to random bike riding iPad owners), packaged, and deployed all within 24 hours before the launch of the iPad.

Yes this is a silly example of having fun with an iPad. It's also an example of "precycling" where we try to picture how you could recycle products after they aren't expensive objects of desire. A $600 iPad today, will be a $300 one in a year, and a $50 dollar one a year after that, and soon you'll be finding spare iPads in the cushions of your couch or in your cereal boxes as prizes for choosing NanoCrispies as your zap, spackle, and zop choice in the future.

So once that happens what do you do? We suggest wearing it.

The first day we wore these around town people suggested all sorts of other ideas:
- Put it on the front as a networked programmable t-shirt graphic
- Wear it with a group to have coordinated networked protest graphics when you go on your next march
- Give it to crossing guards
- Sell advertisement on people (afterall isn't that how the world goes round?)
- Broadcast coordinated imagery across a crowd of people at your next big football game to make a giant mosaic on everyone's t-shirts
- Hang an iphone with the camera pointing outward from your back and an iPad in a Sprocket Pocket on your front and you've got a window right through your body where the sun shines through
- Put one on the front and back of your shirt and use it as a touch, tilt, tag football game (remember by this time iPads sell for $1 and are disposable)
- Wear it on your hand and play hacky-sack pinball with a group of friends
- Mount it on your handlebars and have a GPS dashboard

For more information, to download the patterns or just find out what the heck we're talking about, check out: maya.com/sprocket

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