This video shows some progress on some scripts on which I have been working, which I have designed to help bring procedural animation from Maya into Unity in real-time. The whole tool set consists of three main things:

1. A set of components I coded to mimic the functionality of some various built-in Maya nodes (e.g. aim, orient, point constraints) and some custom nodes I have made.
2. A Python script that is called when Unity imports a Maya file to add a variety of string-based user properties to the file related to the constraints and expressions I am extracting.
3. An editor script that is called whenever Unity imports a Maya asset in order to read the user properties I store in the file and automatically generate components for any incoming expressions and add them or other components to the incoming objects (as well as an editor script to clean up procedurally-generated scripts that are no longer in use).

I will soon be releasing a 0.1 version of the whole tool set on my website for free download. If you visit my site, don't forget the Donate button!

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