This is an 8 min segment of the longer presentation which develops the hypothesis that 300 years were artificially inserted into the timelines of history from approximately 600AD to 900AD (The Dark Ages)

The theory explains that by creating a history that never happened, the Remaining Roman authority was able to claim dominion over vast territories then left in vacuum of the fall of the Roman Empire.

This presentation explores the motives and methodologies for the manipulation and control of vast populations since the dawn of civilization. The case is made that the growth and spread of Christianity has the characteristics of a "counterinsurgency" and was developed as a psychologically potent unifying force whose roots and effects are fundamentally linked to the aspirations and political systems of the then crumbling Roman Empire.

The case is made that Christianity was organized and promoted not from within a group of believers who had contacts with the original apostles or Christ himself, but by unseen earthly hand - The Byzantine, Holy Roman Emperors and their papal counterparts in the Vatican.

The lecture ends in a question and answer session on the attacks of 911. The case is made that 911 was indeed an "inside job" by a rogue element in the shadowy underbelly of the vast intelligence infrastructure.

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