Balaou (2007) it´s the debut feature film of Gonçalo Tocha (1979), a doc-essay hommage to his deceased mother, that won 2 prizes in festival Indielisboa 2007 and it was considered by Variety one of the best 20 european films non-released in the US.

“It’s now seven months over my mother’s death.
I am facing the S.Miguel island sea,
the family land in the Azores.
Between the newborn babies, I found my Grandaunt,
91 years old, waiting for her moment to part.
At nht my family speaks to me of God and death.
During the day we swim in the island’s volcanic sea,
where I meet Florence and Beru, a French couple
that is crossing the Atlantic in the Balaou, a sailing boat.
They invite me to come with them.
Divided in three moments and eight lessons,
BALAOU is a voyage to accept the oblivion of things."

balaou, 77´, colour, 16:9, dv, 2007

with_florence beaufrère, hubert gidon, yum, gonçalo tocha, maria ilda cardoso, maria do rosário gouveia filipe
camera, editing, direction_gonçalo tocha
soundtrack_didio pestana
video post-production_catherine villeret
sound post-production_andré neto
graphics_sérgio bernardo

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