Description: Ian Lucero, Joshua Kohl, and Haruko Nishimura experiment using rubber bands, baby carrots, styrofoam, wine glasses, and mouth pops to create Lucero’s textural sound design in Silvering Path, a film by Lucero, in collaboration with Nishimura and Mandy Greer. Silvering Path is featured in the Slug Princess gallery at the Frye Art Museum through June 19.

(originally posted 5/31/08)

Shows process of recording sounds/music for project in early May, sample footage from test shoot, and using test shoot footage for Dance Films Association application.

In the video: Joshua Kohl, Haruko Nishimura and Ian Lucero

Costume by: Mandy Greer
Filmed in: Seattle, WA at The Pink House, May 11
Portland, OR at The A House, May 17-19
Filmed on a Panasonic DVX100a and a HVX200


also: we just started a tumblr for the project

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