Milk Baths and Rose Water?

Whenever I take a bath, it is always with milk. The properties of milk have been known to mankind way before Cleopatra, but she was the one famous for taking baths in milk and honey in the day time and rose water at night. I take milk baths and I spray my entire body with rose water every day.

Taking baths in milk is amazing. The bacteria of milk is a friendly bacteria to human and is a good one for our bodies. This friendly bacteria kills the bad ones. Bathing in milk kills all the bacteria on your skin and because milk is added to hot water, the hot water opens the pores of the skin and the friendly bacteria kills all the bacteria in your skin as well. This eliminates cellulitis, it is anti-aging, appeasing the nervous system and easing the digestive system, and it regulates blood circulation and blood flow. Bathing in milk is extraordinary. It may sound like a royal treatment and it is nothing less but that. It will leave your skin completely rejuvenated and soft, with a nice glow. And I finish this treatment by spraying my entire body with rose water, which heals all the broken capillaries of your skin and eliminates redness, smells good and makes your skin even healthier, glowing and softer. Rose water is calming and soothing as well.

Anyway, here is a brief video of me taking a bath in milk.


N.B. Make sure that the milk is fresh when preparing a milk bath. Always taste the milk prior to dropping it in the bath, to make sure that it is not sour. It may sound funny for me to say this but, although the bacteria would still have their wonderful effects of killing all the bad bacteria on and in your skin and it s anti-aging properties and smoothing of your skin, the lactic acid build up from the fermentation would have another effect. It would drop your blood pressure really fast and you could loose consciousness in your bath. It takes bout 15 minutes to happen. On the other hand, its a good thing to know, if you have high blood pressure, you could lower your blood pressure really fast within 10 minutes in your bath, get out and take a cold shower and be perfectly fine and relaxed. Just so that you know. Take care!

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