Bathroom perils are bedeviling. We get so used to our bathroom set up that we ignore the dangers of throw rugs, the lack of safety bars, and the many devices plugged in near water. Our toilet seats are older and lower, our showers are too high to be reached, and our homemade accommodations defy good sense. It is no wonder that bathroom accidents occur so frequently as we age. Having our lives go down the proverbial toilet is a consequence everyone wants to avoid.

Our expert guests confront this topic with host Gregory Bator. “We are honored to have Professor Susan Murphy from the University of Michigan open our eyes to these perils, ” says Gregory. “Professor Murphy studied how older people use their bathrooms and the dangers lurking inside.”

Our second guest on this show Is Certified Aging in Place Specialist Brad Wert from the Wright Filippis Company. Our reporter Colette Farris had Brad show us the devices everyone should consider installing and using to increase safety in the bathroom. We brought Brad in to the studio to explore these assistive aids with us.

In Part 1 we focus on showers, grab bars, and shower chairs. In Part 2, we cover even more.

Is your bathroom properly equipped to avoid injury? Would you like greater comfort and security in your own bathroom as you age? Take a tour of the good and bad with us in this show. It will change your life or the life of someone you know.

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