My installation involves bubble machine surrounded by a wire cage; as the bubbles emerge, they will hit the wires of the cage and burst, with only the smallest managing to escape. The whole apparatus is provided a steady supply of bubble fluid administered via IV drip – a sort of life support system for dreams. The work uses humor to create a tension between ideals and realities. The bubble has the intriguing property of reflecting our world in a small round idealized shape but also conveys a sense of speculation, fragility and emptiness.
Wire cage, bubble machine, IV drip and mirror, 2010

这个装置在一个大铁笼中放了一个肥皂泡发生器, 当肥皂泡碰到笼壁的铁丝时就会破裂, 只有够小的泡泡才能逃出去。整个系统由一套医用点滴器来持续供应肥皂液-就象某种梦想的生命维持系统。作品用幽默的手法创造了理想与现实之间的冲撞, 泡泡用小圆球般的理想化形状,并以诱人的形式反射着将我们的世界, 但也揭露出一种怀疑、脆弱和空虚。
铁丝网笼子,肥皂泡发生器,医用点滴器和镜子, 2010

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