Single shot.

Selected in the category competition for the edition 2014 of of Punto y Raya Festival 2014.
January 30 to February 2, 2014 in HARPA, the Concert Hall in Reykjavík Visual Music Festival (Iceland).

Gallery Arte x Arte :: A solo exhibition :: August - September 2013

Selected in the category competition for the edition 2011 of Abstracta Cinema Festival which will take place from 14 till 16 September at the Casa del Cinema of Rome.

"About visual music
Since the early twentieth century, artists in search of abstract forms of expression have sought inspiration in music. The pioneers of abstract painting consciously looked to musical aesthetics in order to develop a new kind of painting without reference to external reality. In due course, in the 1920s, avant-garde artists began experimenting with the new possibilities of film technology to create visual music. Since then, with the advent of video, and increasingly sophisticated means for working with music and images, artists have been able to develop this art form even further, to make works in the spirit of visual music without requiring a team of technicians to do so. Thus the concept of visual music can be traced through art history from the beginning of the twentieth century until the present day."

Rea­li­za­ción: Lau­ra Fo­ca­raz­zo

Mú­si­ca: "Holiday market" by Takuya Minakawa

Series: Light and Movement | Piece number 2

Du­ra­ción: 03:28
Año 2010
Bue­nos Ai­res - Ar­gen­ti­na

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