Footage from a Bartitsu seminar that took place at the Pacific NorthWest Fencing Academy in Eugene, Oregon on March 13-14, 2010.

Bartitsu is a martial art originally founded in London in the year 1899. It combined jiujitsu with boxing, kicking and walking stick fighting. After a brief period of fame, the Bartitsu Club closed down and Bartitsu was almost forgotten until the international Bartitsu Society was formed in 2002, with the aim of reviving this "lost martial art".

The Eugene seminar included training in both the "canonical" or classical set-plays of the art and also in neo-Bartitsu drills, which are used as a transition between the set-plays and free-sparring. In neo-Bartitsu exercises, the "opponent" is allowed to resist or counter the "defender's" scripted techniques and the defender is challenged to react spontaneously to regain to control of the fight.

The focus in this seminar was on Bartitsu as a recreational martial art, rather than as self defence.

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