This video shows a simple BLOB tracking example using Movid. To do BLOB tracking, an image processing pipeline has to be constructed. In this case, a preset file was simply loaded from disc. The video shows the web admin interface that you can even use via the network to control your Movid settings. Using the user interface, you can simply add new modules and connect them to form a pipeline. Movid is by no means restricted to BLOB tracking. We also feature fiducial tracking and other vision algorithms like handtracking will be implemented.
Movid also supports threading, which means that you can run each module in its own thread to make full use of your multi-core processor.

We hope you enjoy the introduction. Since Movid is just a few weeks old, we highly appreciate all kinds of contributions. If you would like to help, please don't hesitate to talk to us on the mailing list (google groups) or in #movid on The website can be found at
See you soon!

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