UPDATE: June 18, 2008: The WiFi Project has been saved! It will be run by a for-profit company that will charge corporate clients as a revenue source. As a result, they will offer free WiFi to the entire city. It will still be months before they can fully assess the infrastructure and decide what changes need to be made.


On June 12, 2008, Earthlink Wireless plans to disconnect their municipal WiFi service in the City of Philadelphia. For the sake of being timely, I am releasing my unfinished documentary about the joint program between Earthlink Municipal WiFi and the local non-profit, Philadelphia Wireless, forgoing further editing and technical corrections.

My aspiration for this film was to represent the personal insights of a few Philadelphians and their hopes for how municipal wireless service could affect positive change in their city.

Philadelphia Wireless (the local non-profit) is still searching for a new provider to manage the network, continuing their mission of bridging the digital divide by providing internet service to those who can't afford it.

Contact: info [at] georgerausch [dot] com

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