KARA SCOTT introduces coverage of the World Backgammon Championships. In the commentary box, the legend, PAUL MAGRIEL aka X22, alongside him, JOHN CLARK, making his commentating debut.

An all American final between John O'Hagan and former pro blackjack player and bg legend, Dennis Carlston.

This pilot series was the first televised match-play coverage of backgammon which was produced on a relatively modest budget, financed by sponsor TrueMoneygames, UK poker channel, Pokerzone and a private investor. On arrival in Monte Carlo, we literally had no idea how bg would play on TV and learnt quickly what would and wouldn't work. The biggest unforeseen problem was length of games and matches which were a nightmare to edit into one hour shows. We had tried to persuade the event to allow clocks, but back then, any change in rules was a virtual taboo as far as the TDs were concerned! WSOB became more radical and enforced clock usage on settings that worked for TV and players. Check out the experimental joker/ antijoker FX, which we chose not to re-employ in future series of WSOB!

Produced by Movie Part Media

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