Video and editing by Victoria Taylor-Gore

Music - "Drifting Away" by Elliot Simons
Purchased music license from

This is a video of an old child's pin ball game that I purchased in an antique store on 6th St. in Amarillo, Texas years ago. I fell in love with its beautiful imagery and graphics...the" coolness" of it, but never imagined that this game would be the subject of one of my videos over ten years later (or that I would ever be shooting videos!). Now I see that the title of this game has a double meaning; alluding to a game, and "big game" - animals in the wilderness that become our targets...predators and prey alike. Here the "big game" are hunted with the eye of a camera lens. I chose the music "Drifting Away" because of its nostalgic quality, and it follows the imagery like a lullaby.

Shot with a Canon 7d with a Tokina 16-50mm f2.8 lens, a Tokina 100mm 2.8 lens, and I used the Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly, and the Kessler Crane K-Pod Tripod with a Hercules 2.0 head. Post color grading and value levels were done in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

This video was shot with the 24p setting on the Canon 7D, and the original video plays much smoother on my computer. I am new to this game, and I used the recommended compression settings for Vimeo, but I am disappointed at the choppy playback of the video on the web (both on Vimeo and YouTube). I suspect my settings could be improved - any suggestions for better settings would be greatly appreciated! I think from now on when I do slow pans, I'll shoot at 30p!

I can't say enough about the exceptionally high quality of the Kessler Crane and K-Pod Tripod system. The lens I used has NO image stabilization, and I was able to get very smooth motion and focus with no follow focus (smooth motion in my original video...not so smooth on the web).

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