This is a time lapsed video of an Xbox 360 Elite being hand painted by Maritza Torres. The Xbox 360 Elite is the prize for the gamer who refers the most friends to either by unique url, embeddable banner or gamer card.

How it was made?

1) XBox 360 Elite sanded with medium then fine grit sandpaper
2) Use warm, moist washcloth to remove debris
3) Cover vents and rear areas with masking tape and trace with Xacto knife for a sharp finish.
4) Use a light spray of Grey Krylon Primer and cover Xbox 360 Evenly.
5) Sketch with a Charcoal Pencil
6) Go wild with acrylics
7) Finish with High Gloss Krylon clear coat

Video directed and produced by Francisco Diaz. Artwork provided by Maritza Torres. Songs by Paul Oakenfold "Stanley's Theme" and "Password"

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