As I reluctantly broke down my very first studio
(a glorious 1,100 sq. ft. room in an old pill factory, with 16 6 ft. windows) I found myself impulsively salvaging samples of all the stuff that I should be leaving behind- or better yet throwing out.

On the very last day, I turned this random collection of dust and ruin into my version of an enormous reliquary.

This is the story of how and why this reliquary came about; it is also the tale of how I learned that very often the places we pine for are really just states of mind.

I made this digital short using imovie on my laptop, after being blown away by the film "Tarnation" by Jonathan Caouette, which was also made on a laptop using imovie.

It was originally projected into the recesses of an old fireplace and the reliquary you see in the film was re-assembled as part of a multi-media art installation called "The Pill Factory" that I curated at the Hopper House Art Center in Nyack, NY in 2006.

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