I camera operated for the world renowned Joe Dyer DoP extraordinaire and my good buddies Barney Steel and Mike from The Found Collective. These guys are geniuses at intergrating VFX and SFX. They know their software inside out and often come back to in-camera effects to save on render times. Its such a pleasure working with directors that truly understand and are truly, well… insanely experimental.

They and Joe allowed me to test out my new shift and tilty wobbly LensBaby lens on this job and it was so loved I used it all day! I did do a little Steadicam at the start but really on this one… I was a Lensbaby operator. I would say that my little Lensbaby honey was probably the best money I ever spent.

Its not the easiest thing to get the hang off. I wasn’t just using it as a shift and tilt lens but also as a means of moving the image across the film plane in pulses and shakes. I spent the whole weekend before practising with the thing trying to get different types of wobble, smears, chromatic aberations and flares. But really, the lens baby, was a resounding success.

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