Grace was 13 when she was raped. When she found out she was pregnant, she aborted the baby by overdosing on birth control pills. The stigma of rape led Grace's parents to kick her out of the house. With nowhere to go, she turned to prostitution to earn a living. She became pregnant again and one after another, she aborted her babies. She has had three self-induced abortions.

Our solution is to provide girls with opportunities to be liberated from their situation and start a new life. Because Grace was given an opportunity to be freed from her struggles, she now works as a caretaker for disabled children at The Salvation Army Joyland Special School. She now strives to empower disabled orphans to be independent, productive, and strong individuals who have a renewed sense of hope.

Girls who live in poverty have limited opportunities to succeed. However, by giving them new opportunities for growth, education, and dignified work, the potential for progress will rise drastically. Our project, Freely in Hope, will establish a safe place for victims of rape, pregnant single women, and school girls living in poverty to be empowered to act against rapists, to be educated about the importance of health care, to be given opportunities to earn a living through micro-enterprise, and to continue their education through scholarships.

Freely in Hope is an organization currently in the development stages. By providing opportunities for young women affected by poverty, rape, and abortion, this project will help launch Freely in Hope in its mission of empowering widows and orphans to overcome adversity and live freely in hope. Our hope is to offer liberation through opportunities, education, and spiritual guidance.

Filmmaker Nikole Lim, 21, is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University and the founder of Freely in Hope. As a visual documentarian, her objective is not to merely present issues but to showcase the stories of inspiration and empowerment, and show how individuals were motivated by their difficulties.

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