Gamma is part of Kokoromi’s mandate to inspire and present diverse, experimental game content to a wide public audience. In doing so, they are part of a larger international movement that recognizes games as a unique artistic form.

GAMMA 4 took place on March 10th at the Mezzanine (444 Jessie Street @ Mint), San Francisco. For more information visit

About Kokoromi
Kokoromi is an experimental game collective formed by a rare union of gamemakers and theorists to promote games as an art form and expressive medium worldwide. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Kokoromi produces and curates events, develops games, and hosts a blog at

Starpause uses pocket and consumer electronics to craft lo-fi electro, idm and techno music. He was recognized as True Chip Till Death's Best Live Performer in 2008, a title he has lived up to at parties like TOYCOMPANY (Montreal), BLIPFESTIVAL (NYC), DUTYCYCLE (SF) and SPERMFESTIVAL (Prague). His music, haiku and more creative output have all been cataloged through the creative commons and can be downloaded at

For more videogame-inspired music videos, subscribe to the Nobuooo channel.

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