This is an 11 minute trailer for the film,
"To Echo the Pain of the Many", whose
provisional release date is November, 2011.

Guatemala suffered the effects of a horrific
Civil War in the years 1960-96, during which time
160,000 people were killed, and 40,000
'disappeared.' Thousands were forced in
political exile.

One of these was the artist and film-maker
Ana Lucia Cuevas. Her brother, Carlos, had
been abducted in 1984 by the government of
the dictator Mejia Victores.

Carlos' wife, Rosario, and their
2-year old son, were tortured and murdered
the following year, in the wake of Rosario's
campaigning for the release of her husband, and
that of other members of the political Opposition.

In 1999, a unique 'Military Diary' was smuggled
out of the country, listing Carlos Ernesto Cuevas
Molina as one of the 183 people the Government
had targeted to be 'disappeared.' This is but one
of the pieces of evidence used by the filmmaker
to begin to expose the brutal nature of the
regimes that ruled Guatemala during the period
of their Civil War.

In 2005, a secret archive was discovered that
had been compiled by the now discredited National
Police. This contained literally millions of the
police's own documents of their abuses of civil
and human rights. This prompted Ana Lucia
to return to Guatemala to seek evidence of
Carlos' abduction and Rosario's assassination.

What she discovered, and has recorded, are
the stories of the survivors. Those mothers,
daughters, sisters ... the families of the
'disappeared,' whose courage and commitment
to justice for their loved ones is deeply moving.

Equally strong, and crucial to a process of
reconciliation, is their commitment to an end
to the immunity from prosecution that has
been enjoyed for over 30 years by the
perpetrators of these crimes against

Original music:
Gerardo Martínez (Honduras)
Emilio Talva (Guatemala)
Joshua Lorenz (England)
Archive video footage:
Communicarte (Guatemala)
Archive photography:
Jean-Marie Simon (USA)
Patricia Gudvis

"To Echo the Pain of the Many" was filmed
over 2009-11 on location in England, New York, Washington D.C., Costa Rica and Guatemala, using a Panasonic AG-HPX171E.
It was shot in DVC Pro-HD, and been edited
on Final Cut Pro.

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