I moved from the North to the South and back to the North again. While in the South, natives talked about "spring" and "fall" and "winter." To me it was all just hot or really f-ing hot. So to show all my friends down south what it meant to have real seasons, I took a picture of our house (from the front and back) nearly every day at approximately the same time.

I started with a decent digial camera and then had to switch to a crappy one half way through. I decided on a fixed location from which the daily snap would occur: across the street there is a bike post, in the back there is a fence post. This all seemed like a good idea starting out ... but what i didn't realize was that once the snow melted, people would start using the bike post (which explains why handlebars appear from time to time).

I began on winter solstice of 2008 and finished on the last day of Fall 2009. Of course, I went on vacation from time to time and sometimes just forgot to take a picture. The end result is not 365 pictures, more like 300. It also seemed the most important moments (blooming of flowers, falling of leaves, melting of snow) seemed to happen while I was out of town. But I didn't start this project to become a slave to it ... just to show those southerners some real weather.

*In a note on unintended irony, the song used in this video is by a band from Austin, TX.

**In a highly irregular move, mother nature decided there would be no snow in November and just a bit for Decemeber 2009. Compare the start of 2008 (normal amount of snow) with the start of 2009 to see just how crazy that is!

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