With this limited edition line, we’ve decided to give tee’s of years past, a new life. We’ve collected tee’s from friends + neighbors, carefully inspected them for quality, and gave them a sweet little Holstee touch. Each shirt has been hand silk screened, with a one of a kind print.

Check em' out: holstee.com/store/designed/upcycled.html

The upcycled tee is available in 3 styles:

The reflective phrase, printed inside an antique mirror frame says it all. This tag line was our inspiration for the line. The experiences and memories we’ve had in our favorite tee give it more value than any shirt off a store rack. They have developed their own unique character, meaning and importance.

Each shirt has a story, but thats just the beginning. How that story is unfolds is up to each person. We kindly ask that you give these shirts one hell of a future, preferably one with a good story.

Fast Fashion represents the polar opposite of our core values- people, planet and product. It tends to exploit people by severely under compensating them for their work, uses materials that are toxic for the planet and is designed to be fashionable or last one season. #UCK THAT.

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