Part 2 of MORE SHOES, a documentary about my journey on foot from Madrid to Kiev.

A few years ago I was creatively adrift, looking to do something in film but unhappy with what I'd tried so far.

Then I happened upon Werner Herzog's comment that aspiring filmmakers shouldn't bother going to film school. Instead, he said, they should make a journey alone, on foot, for five thousand kilometers, "let's say from Madrid to Kiev". This journey, he claimed, would teach one the essential nature of cinema.

I decided to take Herzog's words literally and walk from Madrid to Kiev. MORE SHOES is the resultant filmed record of that journey. It's the story of who I met, what I saw, and how the whole experience changed me.

The film premiered at Slamdance 2008 and went on to play 25 festivals worldwide, winning "Best Documentary" honors at three of them.

I am making the film available to watch here on Vimeo for the rest of 2010.

More info at

You can also get a keepsake DVD of the film that features 35 minutes of extras, interviews, deleted scenes, music and commentary. For more information, contact me:

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