running from boot 2 ibm x21's to mirror each other in full_etruscan torture test,

machine 1

tab1: ifconfig eth0 && cat /dev/mem | netcat 666

tab2: ifconfig eth0 && netcat -l -p 666 | tee /dev/dsp - > /dev/mem &

machine 2

tab1: ifconfig eth0 && netcat -l -p 666 | tee /dev/dsp - > /dev/mem &

tab2: ifconfig eth0 && cat /dev/mem | netcat 666

The Etruscan torture has been described as chaining the living person to a rotting corpse, face to face and limb to limb until the living person perishes by the decay of the corpse. Only when the living person was blackened by putrefaction, the Etruscan robbers freed the living, now a corpse, from the chains. A metaphysical torture and a model for the intelligible ontology, Aristotle suggests that the relation between the body, the soul (psyche) and the intellect (nous) as the triad of his ontology can be explained as follows: ‘their bodies [those who have fallen into the hands of the Etruscans], the living with the dead, were bound so exactly as possible one against another: so our souls, tied together with our bodies as the living fixed upon the dead.’ (Cicero quoting Aristotle in Hortensius)

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