A Scratched Print Production.

German-occupied France, 1944. German soldiers storm a village believed to be harbouring French resistance fighters. Killing all of the adults, the soldiers take the children into the forest, to where an SS Commander awaits them.

The Commander is going to put the children through an horrific test to prepare them for a life in the future Empire of Germania. Designed to totally demoralise and quash any resistance the children might have, the Commander does not however reckon on a child's love for his younger siblings and friends, and how one act of defiance, courage and sacrifice will unravel everything.

An ambitious short film, weaving a cinematic narrative into the short film format, VIVE LA FRANCE is the first in a series of short films I will be putting together in pursuit of a career in screenwriting and filmmaking.

A stand alone story in its own right, it will also serve to advertise the upcoming feature film screenplay of the same name, in which a cowardly German soldier finds himself unwittingly becoming a member of the French Resistance.

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