While the Sun describes a semi-circle in the sky, stars near the celestial pole, the area of the sky the Earth's axis of rotation points to, appear to describe a circle around a static point. This sequence accumulates the light of each stars as it moves across the sky. The star Polaris created the brightest semi-circle near the center. This 9 hour sequence is near a third of day and therefore yields star trails that are one-third of a full circle.

The red glow that illuminated the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) dome near the beginning of the sequence was created by a car leaving the volcanic summit. The Moon rose about half way through the video and created a white glow that gradually illuminated most of the CFHT dome. This time-lapse video was constructed from about 1,000 consecutive frames taken in 2006 with a CMOS digital camera over nearly nine hours.

Time period: Night
Light source: Moon
Start time: 8PM
Duration: 9 hours
Acceleration: x 1300
Location: Mauna Kea
Equipment: Canon

This sequence comes from the Film "Hawaiian Starlight" by Jean-Charles Cuilllandre - discover the trailer and information on VIMEO: vimeo.com/11196353


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