An experimental feature by ARTCOREFACTORIES:


This video is been on gestation for almost two years due to geographical movements of the people involved. During march and april 2010 and trough a bunch of web messages it took his definitive form.
Control, exploitation, manipulation, false information were and are the main instruments used by upper floors of western societies intending standardize and rend harmless action and imagination of the masses.
Concepts such as totalitarianism, ethnocide, oppression, control, abuse, hate and many others, along with the refusal of them, are the meanings that we tried to convey in this video.
With the same video, a product of technological progress among the most advanced in the modern world, we can try to say the maximum showing the least.

Original sounds, samples and audio editing: Marco Asaro
Filming, video editing and video footage research: Jacopo Tardito

Found footage from under Creative Commons License.
Original images shoot in HDV in Barcelona, Spain.

HDV - Col,B/W - 5'49'' - Spain/Italy
April 2010

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