Trolley ride down Market Street in San Francisco, filmed the week before the Great Earthquake and subsequent fires humiliated that city. Amazing witness to the chaos of city streets 105 years ago, edited to 'Gray on Gray' by Banco de Gaia...

What do you see here that's changed in the past 105 years - and what do you see that's remained the same?

1. There are way more autos than one would think for the turn of the century\

2. License plates were already in use

3. Cars, horsebuggies, trolleys, pedestrians all sharing the same space

4. No cops

5. No road signs

6. No crosswalks - people crossing wherever they feel like it

7. No concern for safety

8. No right vs left-hand lanes. drive on whichever side of the road you feel like

9. Drivers & steering wheels are largely on right-hand side of autos (like UK today)

10. A lot of mid-road uturns

11. kids everywhere selling papers, darting in and out... truly amazing

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