Dice rolling and forfeits! CocoRosie play the interview board game with Blandine Bardeau.

Sisters Bianca and Sierra talked about their subversive lyrics, setting up a Creole restaurant and how 'religion has destroyed the image of God'. It was a rare sunny afternoon. In the setting of a springtime London park they went onto discuss spiritual taboo, the thrill of being caught naked, the musical influences for Grey Oceans - and off course the age old dilemma: cock wig or dildo? And - look out for the Booty Dance!

It's worth us saying that the first question was unintentionally improvised by Sierra (right), without Bianca knowing - and catching Blandine (the interviewer) by surprise. And so it continued, this famously playful and whimsical 15 minute interview.

[Credits: Interview by Blandine Bardeau, Edited by Pierre-Hadrien Bardeau, Filming by Sean Kisch, Sound by Tim Bamber. Dur. 14:33. April 2010. run-riot.com]

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