The March 2010 Editors' Lounge was the 7th year of our annual NAB discussion panel and featured guest speakers Howard Brock, Terence Curren, Mark Raudonis, Bill Megalos and Lucas Wilson. Debra Kaufman moderated a lively discussion on post-production trends and predictions for NAB 2010.

After video loads, to jump ahead to specific subjects:

15:44 Mobile TV, a whole new market
20:25 iPhone apps for our business
22:04 Audience Q: How are we going to make living?
27:00 Audience Q: Archiving with LTO and other options?
31:48 Audience Q: More about 3D
37:00 Audience Q: Will commercials drive 3d adoption?
38:00 Audience Q: NAB Shopping list?
45:50 Audience Q: Do FCP editors make less money?
50:05 Audience Q: How do I break into the industry?

Sponsored by Alpha Dogs Post in Burbank

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