UPDATE 2013: We're proud to say we've just created a new Every 15 Minutes movie for San Leandro High School. You can view it here: youtu.be/pUzo66LEC5c

UPDATE April 2012: We're proud to show off our newest Every 15 Minutes movie. It's a sequel of sorts to this award winning video.

Every 15 Minutes: Castro Valley High School 2012

There's also a video we're proud of we recently did at Livermore in 2012. Here's that video: youtu.be/q2VagFbsuQY

ORIGINAL: We are very proud of this video. Yes, we love it, which is why we're doubly happy it was awarded a 2011 Emmy for achievement in Informational/Instructional Programming.

It is the Every 15 Minutes: Castro Valley High School, 2010. Like our other videos in this line, it was produced to help persuade students in high school not to drink and drive.

In April 2011, we made a sequel of sorts: Every 15 Minutes: San Leandro High School 2011. We used some of the techniques we used here, as well as a few new tricks. Here's the broadcast version of that video:

Here's the original version of the video, which runs a little longer:

As an example of our earlier work, and one of the videos that got help us gain a reputation as one of the best Every 15 Minutes video producers in the country, here's Every 15 Minutes: Concord High School 2007:

In the Concord program, you can see some of the innovations we brought to the format, which have since been used by various video teams across the country.

Now a little deep background. The Every 15 Minutes program is a drunk driving education program for high school junior and seniors. This is an example of RocketSpots.tv 's level of quality in the area of community service video production.

In October 2010, this Castro Valley video was nominated for an Every 15 Minutes Award in 2010 by the National Every 15 Minutes Organization. We're also very proud to say it's the most viewed Every 15 Minutes movie/video of all time.

On June 11, 2011, Christopher Allan Smith and Ryan Neisz won an Emmy for this presentation of the Every 15 Minutes: Castro Valley High School 2010 program. The award was for Excellence in Informational Programming.

We'd like to thank everyone involved in this program, and dedicate the Emmy to everyone who worked so hard on this amazing program.

If you'd like, come over to Rocketspots.tv to learn more about our work with the Every 15 Minutes program. For more info, email info@RocketSpots.tv.

For more information on the Every 15 Minutes program, check out: every15minutes.com/

To produce this video, we partnered with our favorite sister company, c2mnow.com.

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