A bunch of my friends all went to the stage adaptation of the movie Point Break, only instead of Keanu Reeves, they pick someone from the audience to play Johnny Utah, and he reads off cue cards for the whole movie. Of course I had to audition, and I was selected to play Johnny by audience vote (after summoning courage through a vodka rocks).

This is a compilation of highlights from the 2+ hour performance. I more or less had to shout my way through it all, sometimes chewing on an imaginary piece of gum to calm my nerves, and by the end was so exhausted that I barely was able to speak at all for the rest of the night. I tried to edit it shorter but some of the scenes in act 2 only really work if you see the whole thing. Editing the craziest 2 hours of my life down to 25 minutes is pretty good though, I think.

Recorded at Charlie O's inside of the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles - right before it got shut down for being unsafe.

Performance dedicated to my grandma, who I like to think was able to watch me that day.

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