This is another timelapse in a series of modelling recordings I'm doing for one of my personal projects.
More info can be read on these forums:

All modelling done in Blender 2.46. Go get it at
Please use the above forums to post C&C about the project or the modelling.
If you have comments about my video or the way I made it feel free to comment here.

About the recording:
I used CamStudio, which you can download from, to record my modelling and Blender's own sequencer to composite it together. All Titles and images were produced with Blender as well.
The music is "Elissa, New Generation" from "PeerGynt Lobogris" from the album "BlueMoon VI Free Zone" and it is distributed under CreativeCommons Attribute Share Alike license.
You can download it here
It was my first attempt at adding sound so be gentle if the music doesn't fit that well or the quality isn't the best.

Hope you enjoy

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