Stamen has been working with MTV on a series of live visualizations of realtime Twitter data. This video, the first of our collaborations with MTV, shows Twitter activity related to the 2010 Video Music Awards.

Each circle represents the volume of activity around a particular star—Beyonce, Katy Perry, Pink, etc. Stars jostle for the center position depending on who's the most popular. Midway through the video, Taylor Swift gets up on stage to receive her first Video Music Award—to have it promptly snatched from her grasp by Kanye West, who immediately blows up on Twitter.

At Stamen, we've been feeling for some time now that the data visualization space is about to go completely bananas, where "bananas" means "taken for granted" in the sense that no major cultural event will feel complete without a corresponding live data visualization. The breadth and depth of the conversation happening on twitter around MTV and other major cultural events is just blowing my mind, as tragedy and farce and pop culture and stardom roll together—but remain distinct and understandable—in displays that change literally minute-by minute as we look at them.

This is the first of hopefully many canonical examples of this kind of media measurings.

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