This is my first Arduino project and my first ever video.

High Concept:
Xbox360 Controller is used to control a RC Car.

Nitty Gritty:
A C++ program runs on a laptop. The program uses an input library called Object Oriented Input System found here,

The program reads the input from the Xbox360 controller and sends simple data serially through the USB port to the Arduino. The serial library was found here,

The car's original circuit board was ripped out and the Arduino was hooked up to the car's drive and steering motors. A dual H-bridge motor controller is used to control the motors.

- Supa Charge! Make this run off a RC Car battery rather than USB.
- Go wireless using bluetooth
- Add a wireless camera with pan and tilt functionality
- Add siren leds that toggle on/off when I push a button on the Xbox360 controller

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