Our home could be really intelligent and cosy if everyday objects around us would adapt to the requirements of our living patterns.

What would you think if they knew what we need at the moment? Nighmo is a such smart night lamp which feels when you need assistance. It gives you comforting ambient light when you are moving, so that you don`t have to stumble in the dark. This light is designed to have a natural like a candle or the shining of the full moon.

It has an organic shape made of snow-white silicone, with a motion sensor which senses the infrared radiation of the human body. Instead of switching Nighmo manually it detects motion and lights up when you need it. There are no buttons and no controls, everything happens automatically. You don't have to pay attention to it, just leave anywhere in the room.

All care it requires from you is that you will have to recharge it time to time, which happens through a standard USB port. You can use a standard recharger or your computer's USB port as a power source.

There is another thing which grabs the attention when you examine Nighmo. It is a plastic knob which is the "eye" of Nighmo. This eye has a motion sensor and a light sensor, so it can detect whether there is darkness in the room and it also detects human motion.

It works like a smart bedside lamp which provides as much ligth as you need to move around in the space during the night.

For more information please visit nighmo.com

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